1-2-3 CUBISM

This is a 3D challenge much like our standard Cubism puzzles, but with an added twist: Each square will contain either one, two, or three letters. The number of letters in each square is for you to determine.
Answers are entered in three different directions. The Down and Right answers “step” down the pink and gray sides of the cubes, while the Down and Left answers follow the pink and white sides of the cubes. The Across answers traverse the grid from left to right, following the white and gray sides of the cubes. Each of the three directions has five rows with two clue answers per row. The first Down and Right answer, U-HA-ULT-R-UC-K, has been entered as an example.

DOWN AND RIGHT 1 Moving vehicle: 2 wds. Jackal-headed god
2 Greek poetic feet Like fresh brownies
3 Sprouting novelty gift: 2 wds. Short, simple songs
5 President soon to leave office: 2 wds. Group of four
8 Hockey shot in a which a pass is met with an immediate slapshot: 2 wds. Proximate

DOWN AND LEFT 1 Troy Aikman’s alma mater, briefly Interoffice notes
2 It may be added to injury Schooling
3 Condiment in Tex-Mex and Thai cuisine: 2 wds. Ms. magazine cofounder Gloria
6 Annual, as Mediterranean winds Small terrier, informally
9 Vandalizing with bathroom tissue, for short Black, poetically

ACROSS 4 La ____ de Roland (old epic poem) Trip around the track
7 Some oil millionaires: Var. Scored 100% on a test: 2 wds.
10 Kind of preview Chocolate-coated ice cream treats: 2 wds.
11 How some promotions are based: 2 wds. Like Maggie, among the Simpson kids
12 Rapper Biz ___ Handsome hunk